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C Series Video Security Cameras

Protect offices, restaurants, hotels and all types of small business premises with this affordable, discreet wireless IP network camera that's easy to install and offers crisp HD picture quality.

Don't take the risk

Ready to protect any smaller premises, the tiny C Series cameras have an astonishing 120° viewing angle, and can transmit images directly over Wi-Fi. Find out more about the diverse features these cameras can offer your business.


Simple Wi-Fi network set-up

Its quick to connect a C Series camera, and straight away the premises is monitored in HD clarity.


Sony introduces SNC-CX600W security camera

Introducing a small and affordable wireless camera that is designed specifically for small businesses, retailers, restaurants, hotels and private residences.


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Safeguarding gyms and sports clubs with C Series network cameras

Easy to install and offering great value for money.


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